Your data is important to The Associated General Contractors of America, Houston Chapter (“AGC Houston”), so please note the following privacy policy while on our website. This policy is designed to inform visitors to our site why and how AGC Houston collects and uses data from your visit here, and to keep you informed of your privacy rights and the measures we take to protect them.

AGC Houston engages in data minimization practices, being careful not to collect information from you or about your visit to our page. AGC Houston does not collect personally identifiable information or anonymized data about your visit. Since it does not collect information, it cannot transfer or share any information either. If you have further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us by emailing [email protected].


We want to provide visitors to the AGC Houston Constructors Vote website with a secure experience. While no information is collected by AGC Houston, we also take steps to ensure that whatever information is generated, will remain secure from unauthorized access and misuse. While no company can guarantee the absolute security of transfers of information over the Internet, we have taken all legally required and further reasonable steps to secure your visit on our page. Our technical and operational security status is monitored and maintained regularly.

Hosted Site

Our Constructors Vote website is hosted through GitHub Pages. AGC Houston is not responsible for what information GitHub collects, processes, transfers, and stores. They may collect information about visitors to our site and are responsible for doing so. For their Privacy Policy, click here. For their Terms of Service, click here.

External Links

Our website features the logos of social networking sites and provides links to external websites. After clicking the graphic or link, you will be redirected to the website of the provider. Similarly, when you click on the [email protected] to Contact Us, you will be redirected to your email provider and leave the AGC Houston website. The information provided in those emails are collected, processed, transferred, and stored by whichever service you engage to perform those tasks. These sites each have their own privacy policies and terms and conditions of use. Be sure to check the policies of the sites that you visit to see how those sites operate.

VoterVoice Privacy Policy

This site uses a VoterVoice plugin that is only present on the Action Center page. Please see the Privacy Policy Highlights from VoterVoice below.

Information Collected

We collect information provided by you, the user, for the purpose of matching you to your elected officials and making such information available to the organization leasing our system, Associated General Contractors of America, and to any person with whom you choose to communicate.

Why do we collect this?

Your address determines your legislator(s). Your name, company, and email tell the recipient of your message who sent it.

Information Shared

We will share information that you provide only with Associated General Contractors of America and the people with whom you choose to communicate. We will never share your information with any person other than Associated General Contractors of America and people to whom you send a message. The Associated General Contractors of America's name and contact information can be found on each page of this site.

For more information on cookies, security, and use of data, see the full privacy policy here. If you feel that VoterVoice, a FiscalNote Company is not following its stated privacy policies, please contact VoterVoice.

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