2021 PAC Call Day

February 24, 2021

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Houston AGC

Political Action Committee

Houston AGC PAC is the nonpartisan political action committee (PAC) of AGC Houston. The PAC supports candidates running for elective office who, regardless of party affilitation, understand the construction industry and the specific needs, interests and concerns of AGC member companies and their employees.

Supporting our PAC ensures that AGC Houston continues to:

  • be a leading voice of the commercial construction industry
  • have strong relationships at all levels of government
  • positively impact legislative issues affecting our industry
  • support the campaigns of people who understand and support our issues

Local successes attributed to the chapter's political involvement include:

  • Access to the Mayor and key City Council offices
  • Board member representation on Mayor's local government committees
  • Board member representation on the Mayor's permitting task force
  • Access to Harris County officials and key offices

AGC maintains outstanding relationships with key members in the Texas House and Senate. We are working to pass legislation this session that:

  • limits contractors' liability for design defects
  • shortens time owners/others can sue for contractors for defects
  • creating uniform general conditions for K-12 building contracts
  • generates higher education work through tuition revenue bonds (TRBs)
  • and others.


Legislative Victories

Right to Repair

This legislation allows those involved in designing or constructing a public building or public work a chance to inspect and repair alleged defects before being sued.

Signed by Governor

School Construction Defects

This bill requires school districts to spend funds to actually repair construction defects when those funds are awarded from a verdict or settlement resulting from the defects.

Signed by Governor

Government Contingent Fee Contracting

This legislation, advanced by Texans for Lawsuit Reform, requires local governments to use a public and fully transparent process to retain contingent-fee lawyers while shifting oversight to the AG.

Signed by Governor


Contact William at [email protected] or (713) 843-3705.